Random Thoughts on a Cool Sunday Morning

We're becoming increasingly aware of sugar's negative effects on the body. But we still tend to think of them as physical effects, such as increased risk for diabetes and obesity. A connection between sugar and poor mental health might seem counterintuitive—especially given how much Americans seem to like comforting themselves with sweet food. A new study, however, found that men who consume high levels of sugar are more likely to develop depression or anxiety compared to those with low-sugar diets. For more information on depression, visit my website at http://www.depressionsupport.ca

The sales tip of the day is that the telephone is a far more powerful weapon than a computer. It boggles my mind the amount of emails that I receive daily where someone is trying to sell me something and we have never spoken. How do you ascertain wants or needs? How do you know that I am in the market for your product? How do you know that I am a bona fide prospect. If you expect to sell any product or service worth more than $ 99.99, you must make personal contact and engage the prospect in a conversation. Computers are making salespeople lazy.

I have noticed the tremendous attributes of dogs as I recently rescued a 13.5 pound dog from the SPCA. Dogs are loyal, thrilled to see you at any time, happy, energetic and loving. Even if you are having a bad day, a dog can cheer you up; they are very intuitive and sense when something is wrong. And if you are lonely, I would highly recommend adopting from the SPCA or Animatch.

We have come so far in recent years with modern technology, however, there are some negatives along with the positives. Do you remember when you said that you would meet someone at a restaurant at 10 and you did. Everything has changed. Now we text or facebook message someone to meet us at a restaurant, we GPS the directions, we check out their website for their menu, we investigate the reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor and there is more. We then text to clarify the time and place, we follow our GPS, even though we know where the restaurant is and we text to say we have arrived. The other person texts us back to say where they are sitting in the restaurant and we spend the vast majority of our meal on our phones. How far we have come; or not. You decide.

Every evening for the last few days as I drive home from work, there is a 30 something lady with a sign asking for money for food. Some people believe that it is not a good idea to support someone in that situation because they may use the money for drugs or alcohol. My theory is the opposite. At an Anthony Robbins seminar many years ago, he spoke about the homeless. He suggested that when you walk by someone on the street, don't just drop some coins into their can, but actually take a moment, stop, look them in the eyes and talk to them. Great idea. So i gave her $ 20 and and she was so appreciative and said that it would help greatly for water due to the extreme hot weather. Do something for someone who can do nothing for you.

Enjoy the day

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