It’s official – Apple is the worst customer service company in North America

My ongoing saga with the worst customer service organization in North America is over due to a total lack of empathy and any semblance of customer service by Apple. Jeffrey Gitomer says that “ customer satisfaction is useless, customer loyalty is priceless “ Well, Apple can’t even get the satisfaction part right. My iPhone 6 was hit by the grey screen of death which bleeds grey on to the phone and makes the icons unresponsive.

iPhone owners in the US are preparing to sue Apple, alleging that the Californian company was aware of a major touchscreen fault with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but did nothing about it. Last week it was revealed that several iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s owners have been suffering from the so called grey screen of death, which causes displays to flicker before the touchscreens eventually become completely unresponsive. The glitch is said to be related to faulty touchscreen components within the phones and not with the display itself.

Anecdotally, iPhone users claim Apple retail staff told them that while they were aware of the problem, they could not fix it. Now three iPhone owners who were affected, Thomas Davidson, Todd Cleary and Jun Bai, are contesting that by being aware of the fault and not admitting it, Apple has committed consumer fraud. The filing is for a class action lawsuit, which opens the door for the general public in the US to join Davidson, Cleary and Bai in suing Apple in pursuit of damages.

“Apple has long been aware of the defective iPhones. Yet, notwithstanding its longstanding knowledge of this design defect, Apple routinely has refused to repair the iPhones without charge when the defect manifests,’” read court documents filed in California.

Let’s talk about Steve Dowling, the VP of Communications of Apple. I called Steve at least 25 times in the last month and he never bothered to return one single call. How is that possible? He is ironically in charge of communications. He had an executive assistant call me and inform me that he had received my messages and Apple’s policy is to not compensate for a malfunctioning phone. His assistant, Brandi Garcia, would call me to inform me that he had received my calls and subsequent emails but never offered to do anything, It was laughable. “ Hello Mr Thompson, Mr Dowling would like to inform you that he has received your phone calls or emails but there is nothing that we can do. So why bother calling me in the first place. She comically called herself my customer advocate. What a joke.

I then proceed to call the Public Relations group in Toronto to express my concerns, They inform me that they will call me back. They do not. I call them and they hang up on me. Interesting. Have I been flagged by Apple as a nuisance.

I then proceed to email Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple who allegedly reads his emails. He actually had Brandi Garcia call me and tell me that he had received my email. So I laughed and said, “ so what is Mr Cook going to do about this situation and she says nothing.

Really Tim? How about doing something for a long time customer who has spent thousands of dollars on your products over the years. Maybe you should read the Consumer Affairs with 259 Apple Tech Support Consumer Reviews and Complaints.

1. Tanya of Park City, Utah

Apple is fraudulently taking $9.99 from my credit card every month for icloud storage that I did not sign up for. On the email it says to “click here” if you did not authorize this charge. I have clicked on this button every month I receive this email, and follow the steps, but it just takes me on a wild goose chase and the company continues to fraudulently charge me.

2. Bryon of Duncan, BC

I Challenge APPLE to review my case in its entirety and tell me that this kind of service and lack of respect to a customer is not an embarrassment to Apple!!! I was on Apple Tech support Chat with 3 people who answer the phone to help and 6 different senior supervisors from 9:30am until 430ish PM with nothing but complete contradicting information from all of them. I had to explain the same story to 5 different people over the 7 hour ordeal. This is the second time with the same experience on the same issue. My first iPhone 6 was defective (hardware issue) and unrepairable so after the same run around and it taking 5 days for this replacement phone to come with no loaner phone given, the new iPhone 6 does the same thing. This is by far the worst customer service I have ever had with any company over anything. They are completely unaccountable.

3. Michael of San Jose, CA

First of all I want to advice all the future Apple clients that once you buy Apple products, you already signed that you won’t get any support and any service they provide would be for money. Rule number one in Apple: “we don’t need customers, customers need us so we can treat them as bad as we want.” I bought my iPhone 6 2 years ago and I had a problem with WIFI and I took it to apple store and they were so nice to me and they replaced the phone for me but.

4. Sharon of Oxford, AL

I have an iPhone, under duress. That’s another story. For some reason – probably because I didn’t buy enough iTunes products my Apple ID was disabled in December 2016. I contacted Apple using their “account recovery” process. No luck. Everything was working on my phone, so I didn’t bother with pursuing an account recovery. Then – I couldn’t update my apps, so they stopped working. Because my account was disabled – because I couldn’t update my apps – they stopped working. I’ve been contacting Apple for an account “recovery” since DECEMBER 2016, and it’s not August 2017 and NO JOY!

5. Mike of New York, NY

The iPhone is an Overpriced gimmick for something that you will easily spend twice the money for. The screen brakes very easily and is not under warranty for a ($700 phone). And once the screen cracks, as it will, the warranty is void. I brought my iPhone in to be fixed after only having it for a few months several times because the battery was defective. They refuse to fix or replace it. Leaving out the store my phone dropped and the screen cracked bad. I brought the phone in to have the battery looked at again and they said I would have to pay because of the cracked screen voids the warranty. The product is overpriced and The Samsung Galaxy has a much better glass. Trust me I’m switching. And Samsung has a much better warranty policies.

Or check out Trust Pilot. Horrible reviews about customer service.

Enough said.

So I call Telus and they step up in an amazing way. They send me a new iPhone 7 free of charge even though it’s not their problem. Pay attention Apple – that’s customer service. Kudos to Telus.

Within a week, the technical problems start with the iPhone 7. The icons on the screen enlarge and the screen becomes disabled. It’s a brand new iPhone 7! Seriously.

So not only does Apple’s customer sucks, their products suck.

Really Tim?

So after 25 phone calls, several emails and multiple conversations with Brandi Garcia, I officially give up on Apple.

Yesterday I picked up the Samsung S8 Plus. Wow. What an incredible piece of machinery. It’s like comparing a Bentley to a Kia. The advantages are . . .

• Design: The Galaxy S8+’s design is second to none. The device features a huge screen, but is surprisingly narrow, making it easy to hold and use apps with just one handset. Everyone I’ve shown the device to is impressed by its design and even a few remarked that it makes the iPhone 7 Plus I have looked awfully outdated in comparison.

• Display: If I have to choose between watching videos on my iPhone 7 Plus or the ultra-wide-screen Galaxy S8+, I’m choosing the latter every time. For one, the Galaxy S8+’s screen is bigger and its resolution is higher, so I can see content in far more detail. Additionally, Samsung’s smartphone uses organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen technology, which produces much brighter and more color-accurate images than the iPhone 7 Plus’ liquid-crystal display. Using the Galaxy S8+’s screen is an absolute delight.

• All the Extras: The Galaxy S8+ ships with so many features, it’s hard to pick just a few that really stand out. But just open the device’s Camera app and spend some time in the settings and you’ll get a sense of what I’m talking about. Want to change video-capture resolution? Want to boost the aspect ratio? How about some dog or cat graphics to overlay on your child’s head when you snap a photo? It’s all there. You can also modify battery usage, change how apps behave on the big screen, and much, much more. It’s almost overwhelming.

• Battery Life: I know Samsung has had its fair share of troubles with batteries, but the Galaxy S8+ lasts much longer on a single charge than my iPhone 7 Plus. And I love wireless charging options.

“Life would be so much easier if we just treated everybody with dignity and respect. You think about all the problems in the world – half of them would be solved with just that!’ Mr Cook told The Independent.

So Tim, are you going to practice what you preach?

Does anyone want to buy a slightly used iPad Pro; I’m willing to sell it at half the retail price which is $ 500. I’m going to get a Samsung Tablet so that my principles remain consistent. I can’t use a product made by a company like Apple.

And one last thing Tim; don’t have Brandi Garcia call me again to say that you have received my email. Pick up the phone yourself and teach your VP of Communications what it means to communicate.

By the way, I just bought the following website – I am looking forward to becoming an evangelist for Samsung while warning consumers about the worst customer service company in North America – Apple.

4 thoughts on “It’s official – Apple is the worst customer service company in North America

  1. Hi Tim,
    I just had a similar awful experience with Brandi Garcia. Any new info you can share re: who I can contact?

  2. I’m dealing with a problem with my Apple watch. I’ve been an apple customer for 3 decades and Brandi Garcia called and seemed nice enough (nothing has happened yet) I mean…I support consumer rights and everything, but wow man, you put a lot of work into hating a company. Let’s see if my nice guy approach works better.

  3. Nothing will ever, and I mean EVER happen in terms of getting anything done if you fall into the hands of Apple Inc.’s Brandi Garcia. She is the most horrible person I have ever dealt with from any esteemed company out there.

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