Sunday Morning Ramblings

We are on the home stretch of 2018 as Halloween approaches and the shelves of the stores are being stocked with Christmas stuff. The last three months of the year is an opportunity to accomplish the goals that you set out as New Year’s resolutions. In my case, it’s the time to deliver the budget for our sales operation. A plot twist is a literary technique that introduces a radical change in the direction or expected outcome of the plot in a work of fiction. When it happens near the end of a story, it is known as a twist or surprise ending. What will your plot twist be?

Would you rather be respected or liked? In business, the amswer is respected. In life, the answer is both.

Respect is a positive feeling or action shown towards someone or something considered important, or held in high esteem or regard; it conveys a sense of admiration for good or valuable qualities; and it is also the process of honoring someone by exhibiting care, concern, or consideration for their needs or feelings.

Bouncing is being resilient. Psychological resilience is the ability to successfully cope with a crisis and to return to pre-crisis status quickly. Resilience exist when the person uses “mental processes and behaviors in promoting personal assets and protecting an individual from the potential negative effects of stressors”. Resilience is also akin to relentlessness which essentially means never giving up.

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