The National Bank Debacle Part 4

Just when you think that the National Bank has stooped to the lowest level of customer service in Canada, they brilliantly strike again.

The manager of the branch that I am leaving calls me to say that she heard I was having trouble with my world elite credit card. True. The card was declined at a Starbucks for a cappucino and I had to call and stay on hold for the standard one hout when I was informed that it had been rectified.

Of course it was declined again later that day. So basically the National Bank shut down my credit card illegally. Now I am worried about my money as I transition from a triple A bank to TD, a major league bank.

This is just a warning about what a company will do when faced with a complaining customer.

So three lessons learned.

  1. Avoid second tier banks like the National Bank
  2. If you are sadly a National Bank customer, you are not allowed to complain about lousy customer service
  3. It is remarkable that a bank have some many incompetent employees from Paolo Pizzuto to Roberto Cefaloni to Claude Breton (who is in charge of public relations but you never hear from). All Vice Presidents, all incompetent

Final thought – be very careful when choosing a bank. It’s your money protect it and make sure that you feel safe and comfortable with your bank.

By the way, here is the National Bank’s rating with the Better Business Bureau

Hmmm D-, not exactly stellar.

Take heed, buyer beware.

Enjoy the day.

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