Random Thoughts

In the world of advertising, you have 7 seconds to grab a consumers attention. This works.

The first story is indicative of why businesses are failing. I used to live in St Lazare and ordered pizza from Bravo. Recently moved to Rigaud and called last night. I gave them my address and they took the order. However, they called back a few minutes later and said they don’t deliver to Rigaud, only Hudson.

This is the distance from the Hudson border to my house.

This was the brilliant decision not to bring the food by 650m.

This is the brilliant customer service.

The sad thing is that I will never patronize the business again.

Let’s say that I went once a month for the last years. Do the math. Average lifetime value of cutomer – $6,000.

Was it worth not crossing the imaginary border?. Absolutely not. What a horrendous decison. And how many people will I tell this story to?

Bad customer service is pandemic. And policies and rules juat serve to make it worse. Just check out the worst customer service in Canada – National Bank. I just switched to TD. What an enormous difference.

TDs …

  1. Cutting edge with phone apps
  2. Customer service is impeccable
  3. I have a tremendous bank manger and a solid team with expertise ranging from mortgages, small business and personal investments.
  4. They are available and great to deal with
  5. Open Sundays and better weekday hours
  6. Positive attitudes
  7. Young and refreshing
  8. Smart
  9. You are made to feel at home
  10. Online tools which enable you to understand your buying patterns

Too bad they don’t taste good.

This is a picture of the finest man to ever walk the face earth. After retirement from the Steel Company, he went to school and became a deacon in the Catholic church. During his tenure, The Most Reverend Deacon James Thompson baptized over 500 babies and helped countless people. I say to people that he was perfect and they respond impossible. Well, he was.

The boys of summer. Enjoy the day. For more info on sales, visit wwww.theshysalesguy.com or http://www.mangocommunications.ca

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