Customer Service Sucks

Customer service in Canada is a disaster of epic proportions. Walk into a Tim Hortons and see what happens. Is it clean? No. Are the employees behind the counter swearing en Francais about the job? Yes. Is the display full of donuts? Tim Horton sales are down almost 2 percent year over year. McDonald’s coffee is considered better and the food at Tim Hortons is mostly empty calories with frozen bagels and eggs sitting on heating trays prior to being served. And while Burger King sales rose 5 percent with the help of the Impossible Whopper, Tim Hortons abandoned its plant based offerings.

Good customer service is not complicated. First, look the customer in the eye and smile. Second, say the word we rarely ever hear, ” welcome “. Third, conduct the transaction with a yes attitude. And fourth, thank the customer for their valued business. Because a customer who spends five dollars a day at fast food place for breakfast is worth over $1,000.

Also follow the 8 rules.

1. Train your staff

2. Don’t make promises you can’t keep

3. Be helpful

4. Address complaints

5. Answer your phone

6. Listen

7. Throw in something extra

8. Take the extra step

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