It’s time to re-evaluate how we live our lives

Although the coronavirus has affected an infinitesimal amount of North Americans, maybe the shift to spending time at home with our families was meant to be.

We have been asked by government officials to self isolate and spend time in our homes. And so a new phenomenon has occurred. People are magically spending time talking with each other. Instead of 11 hours per day on a computer screen, we are actually interacting. Wow. Families are dining together, talking about their feelings and emotions, and playing games while catching up on the latest movies.

Was this a message to change our rat race of a life as we run from commute to work to home late to bed early with no meaningful opportunity to enjoy our lives? What happened to family dinners, weekend afternoon puzzles, and walks in the park? Modern technology is slowly destroying the art of communication. The art of sales is being destroyed by email. And the art of personal interaction is being runied by texting.

So take advantage of this unique phenomenon and spend time getting to know one another again. Spend time with your loved ones and help others who may be in need. This too shall pass.

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