The New Normal

The Covid 19 pandemic has given us an opportunity to take a closer look at our lives and how we live them. As we self isolate, we turn inwards and begin to think of what is truly important. We have been given a chance to . . .

– slow down and relax

– learn through reading and online

– spend time with family

– exercise and eat better

– spend more time outdoors

How will this change your life moving forward? Will you go back to the rat race or will you move in a different direction. Everything happens for a reason in life and the reason for what is happening today is to make us stop and think and possibly re-evaluate our lives. Of course the SW rule will prevail. Some will. Some won’t.

As long as you follow the rules, you should be safe. I feel for the health care practitioners who are on the front lines as well as anyone who is providing an essential service. That includes grocery store cashiers, emergency dentists, funeral home workers and so many more. Be fair to others by only going out when necessary and avoiding close contact with anyone, even on a leisurely stroll.

Of course media like radio stations provide an essential public service by offering information as well as music and entertainment. Social media has become more important during this time as a way to connect with so in a physical space. Also, blogs like West Island Blog has done an excellent job in bringing the community together.

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