It’s a whole new world

This image is very powerful in that it reflects the fact that our health care professionals are on the front line in the battle with Covid 19. And it’s a double edged sword as they are hero’s who put their lives on the line to fight the battle. We have to support them in any way we can and after receiving a message from Heather Holmes at the Lakeshore Hospital Foundation, I realized that we can help by making a donation that will go towards protective gear for the doctors and nurses. The Guardian Angels at the hospital have been there for us and now it’s time for us to be there for them. Just go to

The Covid 19 situation has a lot of people becoming more introspective about their lives. We have all been given an opportunity, albeit challenging, to push the reset button and decide how we want to change our lives moving forward. We we working 80 hours per week? Were we spending enough time on reading, exercising, enjoying the great outdoors? A friend of mine mentioned that he has considering taking a hiatus from work; well now he has one. We have 2 choices – either make the best of our current situation or not. Everything happens for a reason, right?

Adversity builds character. Life is a series of challenges punctuated with sporadic moments of happiness. We will come back. We will emerge triumphant. Everyone is in the same boat right now and so the playing field has been levelled. Simply put, we all have the same opportunities once this is behind us. So you can capitalize on those opportunities whether it’s related to your health, relationship, business or family.

At the end of the day, do the best you can. Respect the social distancing rules and be good to each other. Maybe it’s time to start that new online business you have been thinking about. Maybe it’s time to start that exercise program you have been putting off. Maybe it’s time to mend a relationship with an old friend. Or maybe it’s time to be outdoors as summer approaches and appreciate the beauty of nature.

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